Your Bicycle is the most important piece of  personal equipment that will make or break your experience at Burning Man.  Black Rock City is 10 square miles of magical experiences and if you are walking a broken bike you won’t see much of it.  You would think this important piece of equipment would get more preparatory love yet I see first hand from my Black Rock City bike shop that Burner Bikes get far less attention than they should.


Burner Bike Survival is a must if you want to maximize your experience at Burning Man.  My name is Wheels and I am here to help.  After 35 years working on bikes in the world and 7 years running Betty’s Bike Shop in Black Rock City I can help you prepare for radical self reliance and independent reliable bike transportation on the Playa.


How Do You Prepare A bike For the Burn?

Where are the Free Bikes at the Burn?

What bike should you bring to the Burn?

How do you rent a bike at Burning Man?

How do you maintain your bike at the Burn?

What is most likely to break at the Burn?

What are some Bike Safety tips at the Burn?

What should you do with your bike after the Burn?



Wheels, Spokes, and J at your Service On a TuTu Tuesday.