Burner Bike Safety


Having a bike in Black Rock City is a must but having one still presents hazards.  You may fall off your bike but the number one danger that can send you in a spin and take you out of action is a collision.  Collisions with other bikes, pedestrians, and Art Cars are possible.  Follow these tips to insure you survive the week safely.



Camp Glam-Cocks & Seattle Art Car

Safety Never Takes A Holiday!!

Unless you are from “Camp Safety Third” Follow these tips.

1.)  Make sure your bike has brakes so you can control your speed and stop when you    want it to

2.) Wear shoes for traction and support.

3.)   Avoid Collisions!!  City streets do not have Stop signs.  look both ways when crossing all intersections.  Wait for a gap then make your move.

4.)  Avoid Collisions!!  Use a fun Ding Dong bell or Animal noise maker to let others know you are there.  No Air Horns!!

5.)  Avoid Collisions!!  USE LIGHTS!!!   Lights are a must. EL wire and Glow Sticks are not good enough. Don’t be a Dark-Wad!  These LED string lights are far superior in brightness and battery longevity to EL wire.  These Wheel Lights are the best for price, durability, style, and visibility. 5 Minutes to install but they are awesome! Want to really look cool check out these Monkey Lights.

Wear a string of Led lights on your body at night.  The open Playa at night is my favorite part of Black Rock City but it is dark and potentially dangerous out there.  You will be parking your bike and interacting with art and others at night.  All those awesome lights on your bike keep it safe but you need an extra string to keep your body safe.  Light up and be seen!!  Nice body and bike lights below.


6.)  When you park your bike at night leave a Night Light on so you find your bike.  Wow check out the art!  Hey where is my bike?  These bikes below could use some light!


7.)  Lock your bike!  Bike “borrowing”  THEFT has become rampant.  Get a cheap combination lock to insure your ride is there waiting for you right where you left it.  Do NOT lock your bike to Art and do not lean you bike on Art Cars.

8.)  Put your name and Camp address on your bike.

9.)  Know your home address and look for an Esplanade landmark to guide you back to your camp.

10.)  Be Prepared for Weather! Dust storms come and go day and night so be prepared!  Carry drinking water, a cup {for freebies}, goggles, and a face mask at ALL times.

11.)  Do NOT ride in wet conditions.  If it Rains find shelter and do NOT travel on wet Playa.  Wet Playa turns into peanut butter that sticks to everything on your bike.  When it drys it is like Playa Portland Cement.  Wait out the storm, make new friends, and travel when things dry out.  Do not ride through wet roads after a water truck has sprayed the streets.  Go around to another street or stay to the sides where it is still dry.